Proffesor Patrycja Zawadzka
Number of hours: 
2h X 15 weeks = 30 hours ( semesters)

1. Definition and functions of public finance (allocation, distribution, stabilization).

2. Legal framework of the EU’s public finances

3. The financial autonomy of the EU:the own-resources system

4. Definition of the State’s budget.

5. The budget of the EU

6. Budget principles

7. EU revenue

8. Fiscal stability

9. Rules of fiscal stability

10. Public Debt and Budget Deficit. Public Debt and Budgetary Deficit Financing.

11. Restoring fiscal stability

12. Budgetary Procedure

13. Multiannual Financial Planning in the EU. Definition

14. Excessive Budget Deficit Procedure in the EU’s Member States

15. Local Government Finances. Local Government Debt and Deficit Financing

16. Taxes in the EU

17. Customs duty and sources of EU customs law

18. European investment law

19. Legal principles of the operation of the European Central Bank and the central banks of the EU Member States

20. Activity of the European System of Central Banks

21. Organisation f the European System of Central Banks

22. European banking regulation

23. Financial supervision in the EU

24. Financial institutions in the EU

25. Credit institutions and their activity

26. Investment firms and their activity

27. Investment companies and their activity

28. Insurance companies and their activity

29. Capital marekts in the EU law

30. Deposit guarantee schemes